Improve Your Stability on the Football Field With These 3 Football Workouts

If you’re someone who is training hard to excel with your performance on the football field, getting together some top-notch football workouts should be a priority. When looking at the sport of football, there are a number of important fitness elements that need to be taken care of.

This includes your speed, force generation capacity, strength, as well as your stability. Football is one sport where you need to be very stable on your feet so that should an opponent be headed straight your way, you can withstand whatever force they deliver.

That’s precisely what you’re going to look at with these football workouts. Taking even just one day per week to perform some stability exercises can make a big difference in your performance capability.

Let’s have a quick look at a few drills to consider.

Single Leg Ball Pass

The first drill to do in order to boost your stability is to perform a single leg ball pass. Any time you reduce your base of support by standing on one leg rather than two, you’re going to decrease your overall stability.

For this movement, simply stand on one leg with the other bend beside you and lifted slightly off the floor and then have a partner throw a medicine ball to one of your sides. It’s important it’s slightly to the side of the body as this is what will decrease you stability further, giving you the www.ufabet training gains you’re after with these football workouts.

Once you catch the medicine ball, pass it back to him or her and then have them repeat the movement to the other side.

Single Leg Squats

Next, also consider the single leg squat. While this exercise may not seem like anything special, it’ll go a long way towards improving your stability. Pick one leg up off the floor and then squat down as low as you possibly can.

Aim to perform five to ten per leg and then switch sides and repeat.

Pylon Run With Med Ball

Finally, the last stability drill to perform is the pylon run with the medicine ball. To perform this one, hold a medicine ball directly over the head and then run across the length of a field, weaving in and out of pylons that you’ve set up (about 2-3 feet apart).

This will get you changing directions rapidly, despite having the weight overhead.

So aim to perform these drills at least once per week, if not twice, with one or more days separating the sessions and you will be on track to seeing optimal results.