Link Popularity On Steroids – Why It Works

Don’t you wish you could get more links, better links and in a faster amount of time without having to do all the work? Well this is your chance, link building can now be placed on steroids without you worrying about getting hurt by the search engines. The first thing you need to understand is that content is still king and it always will be.

When it comes to link building the one thing people hate doing is building them. Owning a website is not all about building links, it is all about content and providing interesting things for your readers to read and look at. So if content is what everybody wants then how do I get lots of backlinks in a short amount of time?

Link building on steroids

First of all do you have an RSS? Secondly is your RSS feed setup to give out full articles or just summaries? If your RSS is just giving off summaries then you need to change it so that it gives out full articles. Once you change the RSS to give out full articles you need to promote your full RSS feed so that others know about it. The reason you need a full RSS feed is because other website owners love getting full articles for free without having to find them. The nice part about this is that if you get enough websites using your RSS for their site you will have lots of links very quickly.

Do you see why it is called link popularity on steroids? The trick is to not promote your site per say, but to promote the full RSS feed. It sounds crazy but when it comes Best Legal Steroids Alternative to links your RSS feed will earn you more links then you site will. Just think about it and give it a try because the only thing you have to lose is wasted time building backlinks yourself.

Make your articles that much more tempting

Write longer posts – The reason you need to write longer post is because some website owners won’t accept articles under 500 words. Make sure you write what you think others want and hope that people notice the effort you put into your posts.

Give more detail – The reason you need to give more detail is because you want this method to keep going. If your articles are read on another person’s site then their RSS feed may be pulled and that would just make more links to your site through that one person.

The last thing you need to know about this link popularity on steroids method is that you need to have a well built site in order to handle all the links that will come to your site. There is nothing worse than doing everything right except having a site that is equipped to handle the large amount of links.